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 Southern Yard Products

2015  /   Regular Pricing for blown installed products:  

Natural (non-dyed) hardwood  mulch installed                       $46 / CY

(premium /triple ground)

Dyed (colored) hardwood mulch installed                               $50 / CY

(premium / triple ground: brown) (red or black by special order)


Mulch bonding polymer topcoat with XPF inhibitor              $  5 / CY covered

(very effectively holds mulch in place and protects against nuisance fungi)

100% Red Oak  or Pine Nugget mulch installed                     $48 / CY

Certified blended hardwood playground mulch installed        $48 / CY

Certified 100% white cypress playground mulch installed     $52 / CY

Please call 404-886-1399 for Estimates, not listed Products / Services

 or to inquire about discounts that may  apply.

15 cy  minimum order

Out of Area projects (beyond 40 miles) are subject to a surcharge to recover added costs.

Payment Terms: Payment due upon completion.  No credit cards.

Materials prepayment on projects over 80 cy  is required.

Max grace period of  NET 10 days on balance upon completion  for projects with prepaid materials