Pictured below is one of our mulch maintenance projects that utilized our mulch bonding polymer with XPF fungal inhibitor.  The prior  year this project converted from pine straw to mulch at a cost comparable to prior annual pine straw application (twice a year straw application).  With the first annual mulch maintenance,   total application costs dropped  33% below cost of pine strawing annually.  With a sloped terrain, storm water runoff  presented an erosion problem which we solved with our mulch bonding polymer.   With the subsequent maintenance application we utilized mulch bonding polymer with XPF fungal inhibitor to cost effectively control spot outbreaks of  bird’s nest fungus.  Finished job … beautiful!;  fungal outbreaks controlled.
Blown Mulch Facts:

Initial conversion of pine straw to  hardwood mulch when blown installed typically requires  1.5” depth which is applied over  the depleted  pine straw.    

Afterwards … Maintenance on a yearly basis (12-14 month cycle)  is  managed at a 1” depth or 1/3rd less mulch.

As an option for large hardwood mulch projects we can apply an average  .5” depth each 7-8 months, but it requires application of  our XPF fungal inhibitor and bonding polymer to ensure this thin coat is held in place and preventively treated for nuisance fungi.   As a result, the end customer gains approximately another 2 months average wear  from the same amount of mulch  that is normally applied on  yearly or 12-14 month  maintenance cycle.   

The additional 2 months life of the mulch is attained by addressing eroded, worn or disturbed areas in the beds before they can become noticeable.  Fading of color at the 7-8 month timeframe is minimal and the thin coat is just enough to freshen up beds to give a year round good appearance.

If  you are on a 7-8 month cycle … every several years you’ll find you’ll only spend 50%  of an annual cycle budget due to the extended coverage.  The saved budget can be applied to other needs.

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