Southern Yard Products  

    Professional Blown Installation of Mulch


Landscape Mulch Depth Recommendations:

Initial  / New bed installation on finished soil grades

Flat beds                                   Apply at 2” depth 162 sf / cy  

Tree rings &  steep slopes     Apply at 3” depth 108 sf / cy

Initial / Conversion of pine straw or pine nuggets (mini & med nugget size)

Flat beds                                   Apply at 1.5” depth 216 sf / cy  

Tree rings &  steep slopes     Apply at 2”    depth 162 sf / cy


(if  applied each 12-14 months after Initial;  otherwise Initial / Conversion depths apply)   

Flat beds                                   Apply at 1.0” depth 324 sf / cy  

Tree rings & steep slopes      Apply at 1.5” depth 216 sf / cy

Optimal maintenance for budget & aesthetics (12,000+  sf  jobs only) each 7-8 months

Bonding Polymer application required; requires sufficient initial base.   

Flat beds                                   Apply at 0.50” depth 648 sf / cy  

Tree rings & steep slopes      Apply at 0.75” depth 432 sf / cy

Playground Mulch Depth Recommendations:

Estimates are provided to meet state and federal safety specifications.

Maintain at least a minimum 3” depth in open areas.  In fall zones a minimum of 1” depth  for  each vertical  foot of  fall height.  Fall  height is the distance from the top of a child’s head to the ground while at the highest  point of  the play equipment including swings when fully extended by a child’s use.

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